Street Reps are the volunteers who distribute GLIA newsletters to GLIA residents. They also welcome new residents -- renters or owners -- by bringing them a GLIA Welcome packet, introducing themselves and telling about the benefits of GLIA. Because they may be more familiar with the residents they represent, Street Reps are more likely to hear concerns or questions about GLIA and can bring these issues to the Board's attention. (That's the "rep" part of "street rep.") Of course, individual residents can always contact Board members directly.

Some of the longer streets have more than one street rep, so that street reps can be familiar with a small group of homes near where they live.

Questions Abount Street Reps? Contact Marcia Kindlmann

Street Rep
Cindy Goss 16 Laurel 203-453-2731 Brookside Dr and Laurel Rd
Tom Ziemba 169 Lakeside Dr 860-685-0283 Lakeside Dr
Jeanne Mele 60 Cedar Hill Rd 203-453-0298 Cedar Hill Rd and Hillcrest Rd
Julie Carthy 88 Milford Rd 203-453-9625 Milford Rd
Walter Kendrioski 108 Middle Road 203-214-9534 Dogwood Lane and 108-185 Middle Rd
Sue Flood 22 Middle Rd 203-453-5821 Middle Rd #14 - 86
Janet Sturk 87 Woodworth Rd 203-453-5754 Woodworth Rd, Fall Rd and #6 Middle Rd
Bryan Beauvais 40 Woodworth Rd 203-710-8390 Echo Point Rd
Barbara Harris 561 North Madison Rd 203-453-0339 N Madison Rd #529-648 & 18 Whitethorn
Craig Tyska 439 North Madison Rd 203-980-6706 North Madison Rd #439 - 524
Kathy Jacobsen 52 White Birch Dr 203-458-3466 White Birch Dr #4 - 68
Marcia Kindlmann 126 White Birch Dr 203-453-1693 White Birch Dr #70-126, #174 and Birch La
Mary Jane Potter 145 White Birch Dr 203-444-4854 White Birch Dr #127, 130, 138-171 & 185
Dianne Albright 83 Beech Rd 203-453-5984 Beech Rd and #311,335 N Madison Rd
Carol Harrington 48 Hickory Rd 203-453-4187 Hickory Rd and 245 N Madison Rd
Alyson Canestri 13 Wall Rd 203-815-4651 Hazel, Wall and 197, 227 N Madison Rd
Joan Taber 17 Munger Rd Munger Rd
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